Monday, October 4, 2010

The sun is shining!

The sun is shinning today. And for Michigan, where it seems to be gray more days out of the year than sunny, its something to get excited about. And whenever the sun starts to shines I immediately get so many ideas for things I want to do and make. And today is no different. Since I am already starting on a hat for a customer I decided I would post some of the things I have made in the past. Every time I look at them I get countless ideas and a lot of inspiration, so I hope they do the same for you:)

~My friend Janell got married in July and for her wedding shower/wedding present I made her a blanket. This is all hand crocheted~

~Janell's sister Trisha also got married this year in May. For her wedding shower/wedding present I  crocheted this blanket for her.~

Lots of my friends have gotten married in the past few years, and I wish I could have made a blanket for all of them, but unfortunately I did not learn how to crochet until a couple years ago. Maybe I could still do anniversary blankets?:)


  1. thanks for finding happy owl!! :)
    and that blanket you made it AMAZING!!!

  2. Thank you and your welcome!:)