Monday, June 25, 2012


Have you discovered this app yet? It is so awesome. Do you have a bunch of old pictures just lying around in boxes or huge photo albums full of photos from years and years ago. If your anything like me ( I still have photos from middle school that for some reason I can't seem to part with) this is going to be your new favorite toy. I especially like this because if you do not own a scanner you will save mucho denaro. This app scans your photos for you and allows you to upload them digitally. Apple guys are so smart.

                                                            Check it out here

Smell The Roses

We all see these flowers every year and there is a big chance you have seen them everywhere, from your granny's to your neighbors. But they really are to beautiful just to pass by and not give the proper attention they deserve. So, if you get a chance, stop by the ones you come across, even if just for a second. You'll be glad you did.