Monday, October 11, 2010

Fall Colors pt. Duece

Since the pics i posted yesterday were mediocre at best, i have a few new ones to share with you. My mom and I went for a walk on the rail trail and the trees there were just as stunning. I think I have discovered that the tree that produces the leaves that are an orange-y pinkish color are definitely my favorite. Not sure what the name of the tree is but BEAUTIFUL non the less. Here are a few snaps I got while walking around.

 {Not sure what this tree is called but it makes the most gorgeous leaves ever! Good job tree.}

 {I really liked how this deep red strand of leaves was sitting amongst these green ones just hanging out. Like saying, Hey I'm here too.}
 {This was another really cool burst of red. Have you ever seen purple amongst the fall colors? I made for a really beautiful contrast.}
 {This picture does not do these leaves colors justice. The yellow was so bright and just really popped against the green background. I want to make a sweater in that yellow.}
 {Again, picture not doing the flowers justice but these are white wild flowers. Another beautiful surprising mix.}
 {How cool is this?! Makes me feel very small and almost like from a Jurassic Park movie. Colors speak for themselves.}
 {This was probably my favorite tree. The tree looked like it was on fire, that is the best way I can explain it. Absolutely stunning.}
{This one was a real treat. It started as green on the far right side and then turned from a yellow to orange to red going to the left side of the picture. Fall in one bush.}

God truly is a painter. Absolutely amazing.

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