Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye 2010

2010 has been a good year. Wait, who am I kidding, it has been  a GREAT year! Two friends have gotten married, another two had/are expecting their first baby and both my sister and I got engaged. There has been plenty of meeting new friends and saying goodbye to best ones. I could not have asked for a better year nor could I have imagined all that would come about with it. A big step for me (minus my engagement) was the opening of my Etsy shop, Kacia's Premo Crochet. Friends had always encouraged me to give it a try but I admit I was a bit timid. One day it finally clicked and I jumped in feet first. What a great idea that was! I now only smack myself for not joining earlier. If you are considering to do something of the like, whether it be move, open a new shop, change jobs or go back to school, I have two words; DO IT. That just might be my motto for next year.


                                                      {Hooray for Kacia'S Premo Crochet}

                     { A t-shirt blanket I started in 2010 but will just have to wait until 2011 to get finished}

                                                          {My soon to be nephew was born}

                                       {First trip to a tree farm to cut a fresh pine for Christmas}

                                                                     {First trip to Vegas}

                                                                 {Where I got engaged!}

Goodbye 2010 and Hello 2011!!

Thursday, December 30, 2010


Since my boyfriend has proposed we have been slowly but surly started to get his house ready for me to live in. We started a little bit a couple months ago with some updates to his kitchen which went exceedingly well. This time around we are focusing on a small spare bedroom on the second floor that will be my office/work space.  A place all my own and totally girly. First off, I had no idea how many shades of pink there actually really were. But after staring for what seemed hours I finally chose the perfect one. His office is already green so I figured, why not go with a sweet, simple girly color. And even if we have kids one day the rooms will already be painted. I went with a shade of picnk called "Lovelight" , by Behr. Two coats are on and drying and I can not wait to start moving all my stuff in and making it my own.



More to come as the room gets done.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Beef and Pumpkin Stew

Christmas has come and now it is gone. I loved spending time with family and having my parents house filled to the brim with relatives. Another favorite thing of mine that holidays bring is all the food that seems to come along with it. No question Christmas is no time to skimp on food. But what about the day after Christmas? And teh day after that? With all the festive holiday baking it seems like the only thing left in the fridge is leftovers, and not very appealing, some what picked at, left overs. Here is a recipe to bring you out of that left over rut and spice up the rest of week until New Years and all the food that brings with it. I made this a few weeks ago and it simply has everything you need in a stew. Hearty, filling, and delicious. I substituted butternut squash for the pumpkin becuase I could not find cubed pumpkin anywhere. (And I don't exactly have the muscles to cube a pumpkin by myself). It turned out just as good and has definitely become a winter time favorite.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Last Minute Gift Guide 2010

One last official shopping day before Christmas Eve. Some families follow tradition and open gifts on the eve of Christmas. (My family used to) Other wait until Christmas morning. Whatever your tradition today is the last full day before the holidays. Hope you enjoy every moment with family seen (and not seen) and may these gifts bring a little less stress and help ease you into your holiday celebrations.

1. Gia Millani Quited Wallet- Target- $14.99
2. LC Lauren Conrad Cable-Knit Cardigan - Kohl's- $42.99
3. In Bloom Pillow Case Set- dEliah's- $34.50
4. Rhinestone Metal Heart Sunglasses- Urban Outfitters- $19.00
5. This is Not A Pipe Tea Light- Jonathan Adler- $28.00
6. Snow Floral Skirt- TopShop- £32.00
7. Saturated Speckles Vase-Anthropologie- $198.00
8. Basic in Braids Brown Skinny Belt- Ruche-$12.99

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Oh the Joys of Owning Your Own Business

The holidays seem to be sucking up all y free time, which means other things that would normally get accomplished, like posting on my blog, seem to get thrown to the way side. But, I will persist. This is one place where I can focus and get a little organized so as much as all the things that need to get done keep tugging at me I'm making up my mind to squeeze this in. Last week while on holiday a customer of mine sent me an email saying she had not received her hat she ordered from me. This was a little stressing since I was 2,000 miles away from home. Also, two wonderful people placed orders before I could put my shop on vacation mode leaving me scrambling to get them what they ordered before I left for my trip. As much as I love to crochet I can't say I love taking work with me on vacation. But all things turned out for the better. I was able to get two hats done and shipped from Las Vegas with ease. My hotel had its own post office to send packages through. What a God send considering I would have been wandering around the strip aimlessly looking for USPS building. my boyfriend was a good sport though and didn't put up much of a fuss. I am in no way complaining about these two orders because I am grateful for each and every one of my customers, without them I wouldn't exist. But it was definitely a learning experience. After the holidays I am looking forward to updating my shop with new products that I have been waiting for forever to start working on. It always seems like there's something else to work on so I never get to them, but this time, after the new year, I WILL get them done. They are all I can think about and can't wait to share them with everyone. They will mostly be focused on home goods but a few new scarves wouldn't hurt either:) I have been doing lots of brainstorming and keeping many pictures in mind. Inspiration is key!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Vegas, baby!

Last week was spent in Las Vegas for the first long vacation that my boyfriend and I shared. It started out at an early 4 a.m. with half the day spent in airports and in the air. That night we both passed out and slept 14 hours. Woops:) Not to worry though, Vegas kept us on our toes for the whooooole week. We were pretty much out from sunrise to sunset and still didn't see and do everything, but it was definitely worth it. Highlights, include the awesome breakfast buffet at our hotel Paris. I have never had baked oatmeal before but theirs was the best I have ever had. I will be making that soon and sharing with you all. Also, their eggs Benedict were to die for. Probably my newest favorite way to eat eggs. My boyfriend got to be apart of the Blue Man group show. He was pretty stoked on that for a while. The fountains at the Belaggio were gorgeous. Just like how they looked on the travel channel, and the Venetian was the most exquisite hotel yet. Indoor gondolas, a town square and endless shopping. Truly, a village in a building. The highlight of the trip though would have to be when my boyfriend proposed. I was honestly not expecting it and was in shock for at least 15 minutes and everything felt new again.  If nothing else, that was worth the whole trip.

                                         {Always make sure you have proper travel necessities}

                                         {Sitting front row at Blue Man Group requires protection}

                                 {Our hotel, Paris. Love the view from the top of the Eiffel Tower}

                                                               {My engagement ring!}

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Whipping Cream

We all know that with holiday cooking and baking comes all things sweet and delicious. Whipped cream is never far form either of these. It is one the most easiest and versatile desserts. Normally used as just a garnish or accent to your favorite pies or drink, but it can also be the main ingredient to many dessert salads. If you appreciate (most) things old school you probally make your own already. If not, get ready to never look down a can of Redi Whip again. Making home made whipped cream couldn't be easier. And it;s probally faster than having to drive down to the store to get some. Here is my guide to simple, easy, fast, home made whipped cream.

Three simple ingredients is all you need. Heavy whipping cream, powdered sugar, vanilla extract.

Pour the heavy cream in a wide, deep, round bowl. Add about a tbls. of powdered sugar and a cap full of vanilla extract.

                                          {A heaping spoonful of powdered sugar works great}

Take your electric mixer, on high, and whip the cream until it starts to get rich and thick, about 5-7 minutes.  As your cream gets thicker taste it to determine if you need more powdered sugar or vanilla. Go slow when doing this, you can always add but you can't take out.

And voila, home made whipped cream perfect for you pumpkin pie. ( insert your favorite pie:)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Brown Trending

This week has been pretty busy for my shop. I sold a total of three hats in three consecutive days. That is a new record for me and i coulnd't be more thrilled. Two of the orders were for this lovely chunky brown slouchy beanie (sold here) which I just so happen to adore. It really is one of the perfect hats for the season.
 Another first was the selling of this hat, the chunky brown aviator with ear flaps. It originally came in blue (as seen here) but the customer asked if it could be made brown. I love doing custom orders and it is now a new addition in my shop.

And last but not least, this is the first time I was able to use my new label tags. They turned out just great and are so easy to sew on. So next time you see a cute hat check to see if it's mine!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Wish List # 2

After doing my first wish list (seen here) I couldn't stop thinking about doing another. They are just so fun and once you start brainstorming ideas they just seem to start pouring in. Funny thing is I really thought there wasn't that much that I wanted/could think of. Oh how I was mistaken. What prompted this list even further is that every year my sisters and I (I have three) do a gift exchange/secret Santa. We draw names out of a hat and whichever sister we get that's who we shop for. This way we aren't spending a small fortune and we each have the potential of getting a larger ticket item we might not have normally got. Each year it seems that whenever we finally get around to it none of us can decide or even know what we want. Well, not this year, at least for me. So Mindy, (my sister who drew my name)  here is my list. Hope this helps and makes shopping a little more stress free and easier for you.

1.  The Arabian  Nights- Barnes and Nobles- $20.00
2. That Extra Half an Inch- -$13.95
3. The Crochet Stitch Bible- Yarn Market- $29.80
4. Clebrity Slouchy Beanies - Mary Maxim -$3.95

1.Kobo Soy Candles- $32.00
2. Cow Hide Zebra Print Rug- 224 british pounds
 3.Black Picture Frames- $16.99

1. L.A.M.B Faran Brown$49.99
2.Pocket Watch-$105.00
3. Indian Ruby Ring-$132.00

1. Kabuki Brush-Sephora-$28.00
2..Lion Brand Yarn-
3.Dior Show Mascara-Sephora-$24.00

Monday, December 6, 2010

Khogan's Benefit

Khogan, his grandma, and myself. Such a wiggle worm.

This past weekend I had the honor of participating in a fundraiser for a sweet litle three year old boy named Khogan. Khogan was born with a cleft lip and his jaw being two small which resulted in his tongue getting caught in his throat and cutting off his air supply. Due to the lack of oxygen he was receiving he suffered a small amount of brain damage leaving him unable to talk properly. The fundraiser was held so taht Khogan could get PET scan to locate the specific brain region where damage has occured so the doctors can better treat him. I was asked to crochet a blanket for the silent auction. I immediatly said yes, after all, who could say no to such a sweet little boy. This was the first time I had made this particular blanket and I absolutely love it. It turned out so great. The flowery pattern looks delicate and feminine and the satin-y yarn is smooth to the touch. Prayers and thoughts go out to Khogan and his family.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Oh, Christmas Tree

Yesterday marks the first day that I have ever gone to a  real Christmas tree farm and bought a real tree for Christmas. Growing up we only ever had the fake ones and every year I would always grow green with envy as all my friends would go to the farms with their families and get their amazingly smelling real tree. I was lucky enough to have good enough friends that would let me come over and help decorate their tree with them. For that, I am forever grateful ( I confess I am playing a bit heavy on the dramatics:)There was one Christmas that I remember though where my dad actually sawed off the top of one of our pine trees in our front yard and dragged that in the house. Unfortunately, this tree was the kind of pine that has the really sharp poky needles and is not so fun to hang lights and ornaments on without drawing blood. I think he sprained his wrist while pulling it into the house as well. So, forgive me if I seem a little to over enthused over a silly plant. For me this has been a long time coming. As long as I can afford it and have the time and energy, a real tree will be whats for me for years to come.

                                  {These are just a handful of the HUNDREDS to choose from}

                                    {They give you these saws to cut your tree down. Are they crazy?! :)}

                                                      {I was pretty proud of our selection}

                                                                {Haulin' that baby in!}

                                     {Our tree all decorated in its beautiful glory. Smells SO good}

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pumpkin Mufins

 Don't you just love pumpkin? I do. I think my all time favorite would have to be pumpkin pie. Just because it reminds me of holidays, happiness, and the smooth texture of the filling is irresistible. This year I branched out and tried to make a few dishes that weren't pies. The Penne -Wise Pumpkin Pasta was definitely my new fall favorite. But some how I always seem to come back to some sort of dessert-y item. This time, muffins. And not just any muffins, but muffins so good for you they can be ate for breakfast! I got the recipe from Ellie Krieger's cook book "The Food You Crave". (but it can also be found here) And let me tell you, one bite of these and you will be craving them time and time again. This was the first time I have cooked with molasses and will continue to look for recipes featuring this ingredient. I find it to be just a healthier alternative to sugar. I do hope you get a chance to make these at least once during the fall/winter months. Happy Eatings!

                                                                 {You've got your dry.}

                                                               {You've got your wet.}

                                          {Mix them together and put them in the cupcake pan.}

                                                                        {And voila!}

Monday, November 29, 2010

Gift Guide Under $50

It's Cyber Monday and officially shopping season. If you have as many people on your list as I do your probably feeling a little overwhelmed. To make the holidays a little more enjoyable and a little more stress free, I've gone ahead and composited a (small) list of gifts for all the woman in your life. (Boys, you'll get your own list soon!) I hope this helps and eases some of the stress away. If you have nay other ideas or suggestions please feel free to share I love collaborations!

2. Lemon Verbena- Crystal Cane Candle- $35.00
3. Fossil Scarf- Macy's- $36.00
4. Perfume Locket-Gift Tree- $39.95

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Mac and Cheese

 So tomorrow is Thanksgiving and everyone will be pigging out and eating left overs for days. But what I want to know is what are you eating the night before? As tempting as Chinese and take out can be I still crave some home made goodness. Sure, I could go out to a restaurant or order in from the local pizza joint, but I don't want to have to sacrifice taste for convenience. I mean, it's the holidays, no one is working tomorrow, and yea there may be a a lot of cooking and baking going on tonight and tomorrow, but that doesn't mean that tonight's meal has to get the brush off. So here is to the night before Thanksgiving's dinner. The best I can think of is something warm and comforting and with that non other than mac and cheese. And not the boxed Kraft kind, home made. Happy eatings!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Rubber Made

 My boots have finally arrived! And just in time too because yesterday it was pretty much a monsoon outside. I ordered these from Ruche. Semi Anthropology like but for a babe on a budget, like me. I have been wanting a good pair of rain boots for some time now but could never quite find the right ones. Some were either to "rain boot" looking and not very cute, or just seemed sort of awkward when I try them on. That's why I love these ones. A). They don't look your average rain boot. And B). They are totally comfy! Possible my most comfortable boot yet, which means you might catch me wearing them on a sunny day. I love it when I can find a functional piece of clothing that is still totally fashionable and that makes me look cute.

1. Jimmy Choo- Hunter Boot -$425
2.Pour la Victoire- Ted -$171
3. Christian Dior- Red Logo Boot  -$356
4. Burberry-Check Rain Boot -$225
5. Roxy- Drizzle- $54