Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Finally got Halloween decorations up! Outside at least.  Simple yet charming. This is teh first year i have ever used that fake spider web stuff and it was, uh, interesting! to say the least. Definitly going to be a Halloween staple from here on out. You get so much of it and it covers almost a whole block of stuff! I put it on everything i wanted to and still had some left over! The light up bats are something I picked up last year when all teh Halloween decor was on sale. I find that is my favorite time to buy season items. Cant comlain about those deals! Anyways, here are a few pics of my handy work.

 {Hand made ghosts out of trash bags and newspaper.}

 {Cute lil' Styrofoam tombstones.}
 {This skeleton is both creepy and jolly at the same time!}

 {Love this spider webbing. Works so well on ANYTHING you can make it stick to.}

 {Real or fake? Fake! These are funkins, cute, but really hard to carve!
{These bats look awesome all lit up at night}

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