Friday, October 1, 2010

I can now say i know how Snow White feels

The other day I was making an apple pie with the apples from out apple tree. Everything was going fine, business as usual, when I cut into a non assuming apple. What found there was surprising and gross. It was a worm! or at least some sort of maggiety bug, that had crawled up in th emiddle of the apple where the seeds are and decided to make it its home. Im surprised that I did not cut right through when I cut the apple in half. It sat there wiggle about for  a second or two before i snapped a picture of it and then tossed it in my yard. yeck, gives me the heeby geebies. Needless to say i through that apple away but continued to use the rest of the apples I had picked. The pie turned out really good but from now on im going to be Inspector Gadget and check and recheckwhich ones i bring into the house.

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