Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Patiently Waiting

About 2 years ago, maybe three,  friend of mine took some pictures of me for my birthday. She was an aspiring photography then and needed some practice and I was looking for a different yet cute birthday present. It didnt take long before I suggested that she could take pictures of me as a birthday present. She loved the idea and totally agreed. We soon set out to find the perfect locations and items to shoot., This was the easy part because  A) it was my birthday and what goes better with birthday than balloons? and B) it was spring and pretty much anywhere you went was going to be a good location. So I got some cute outfits together, ordered up some balloons, and headed out for a fun filled day. There were about three or four different outfit changes and about three different locatinos we used. It was a great day and so fun just hanging out and taking silly pictures. Since then she has become a profesional photographer and her client demand has gone increasingly up. Good for her, not so good for me. She still has yet to finish my photos due to the fact that her paying clients come first. I totally understand and know that my photos will be just that much better when she does get them finished. In the mean time she did manage to get one or two finished and even entered one into a local competition and won! So, i'm pretty proud and willing to over look the time frame it has taken to complete. They will be mine! Some day:) Here is a sampling of things to come!

All photos by Trisha Lynn Photography

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