Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fall Colors

The fall colors are gorrrrrrrrrgeous right now. Yesterday my mom and I took a drive to see my sister and as we were gong down the high way the leaves on the trees were the most amazing i have seen. Not just being biased. I have never seen the colors on I-75 so pretty. The sun was high in the sky so they hit the leaves perfectly to make them look their extra best. Every color from red to orange, to pinks, to green, yellows, and everything in between. WOW.Since I have never been able to drive Up-North to see the colors, as it seems everyone in the great state but me has, This was really something nice. I tried to take a couple pictures with my iphone while driving. They turned out somewhat decent but of course did not do them justice. Here is a preview of what i experienced. Hopefully next year i will get to go to Pictured Rock or something and really get the big shebang.

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  1. i think nature is at it's most beautiful in fall...and your pics have captured this beauty sooo well!

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