Monday, October 25, 2010

Whole Foods Lovin'

It seems that just about every weekend my mom and I make our way to whole foods. Honestly, it just wouldn't seem like the weekend if we didn't. I love whole foods. It is my absolute favorite grocery store. The town I live in does not have one so we have to drive an hour away just to get our favorite foods. There are so many things I love about whole foods, like their skin care lines, their organic produce, hormone/pesticide/antibiotic free meats, books, and on and on I could go. But I particularly love all the foods they have available and ready to eat. Particularly their salad bar, pizza station, and deli. Which brings me to my latest post. All the foods we purchased, and ate there, were some how better than they normally are. (Or maybe I was just REALLY hungry) either way, I could not go without sharing what I experienced. Or should I say my taste buds experienced.

 To start, look at this sweet potato!! Absolutly the biggest sweet potato I have ever seen in real life. It easily waighed in around 3 lbs. and I wouldnt be surprised if it borderded on five. This was one among about three or four that i seen in this pile. It just really blew me away how big it was. Way to go Whole Foods, you rock.

 Next up is this lovely piece of pizza. Now I know what you must be thinking, "That's just a plain piece of pizza, right?" Wrong. It is (or was) the most perfect cheese and pepperoni i have come across. Fresh out the brick oven and the cheese was still melting and stretching as she cut it. I don't consider myself to be a pizza expert but i have had my fair share of pies in the past and this one hands down tops them all. The cheese was just right, not to thick, not to thin. The sauce was tangy and sweet without being over powering. The pepperoni was sliced oh so thinly. An the crust, pure perfection. I prefer thin crust over deep dish, however I'm sure this would satisfy the biggest deep dish die hard out there. My mom and I had to split it because it was so big which makes it well worth it's $2.99 price tag.

Next up is a seasonal item showcased in their deli. Here we have butternut squash ravioli in a sage pesto sauce. Drooling yet? I was when i seen it. Absolutely amazing. Probably one of my favorite ways to eat butternut squash. This is also a great way to introduce new foods. The squash is not scary and over bearing and the other spices and herbs give this a great starting off point. If I could bottle up a season along with a food to go with it, it would be this right here. I could only get a half pound because  a whole pound was a whopping $13.99!  I almost passed it up but thank God I didn't. If you ever get a chance to try this, GO FOR IT!

Last, but not least, we have tres leches. Or in english, three milks cake. I. Die. O.M.G. This cake is the most amazing cake in my opinion. Creamy. Smooth. Satisfying in a way that only this kin dof dessert can satisfy. Wow. I dont know how this cake is made but i do know that i am going to find out and make it all the time and for every  occasion becuase it is that good. Its just a basic vanilla cake with some sort of mixture of milks and creams but the way its done is just genius. So simple yet so complex. Bravo.

Thanks for sharing my great food adventure. I sure enjoyed it. Hope you can experience at least one of these in your lifetime becuase frankly, if I  had to live in a world that did not offer any of these, I wouldnt live there.


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