Thursday, October 21, 2010

Color Coding

I don't normally make it a habit to post music videos, but I had to make an exception on this one. Rihanna's video "Only Girl (In the World)" sort of stopped me in my tracks. The over all theme of the color pink is really what caught my eye. Her hair is red and longer, fabulous. She has got the cutest two pieces on, fabulous. It's just her in the desert singing and and dancing around so not a lot of content but the cinematography is great and just the whole pink saturation thing going on is really what makes this video stand out. The song itself is a bit of a power house techno vibe feeling going on, very trendy right now in the pop music world, so the video really doesn't need to be over the top. Also, the huge pink flower in her hair is to die for. I'll let you watch it here. Maybe its just that I'm partial to all things pink and sparkly but if noting else its a great party song to dance and get dressed to. In the mean time, here are some other pink and sparkly things I like:)

Leg Avenue Princess Pink Sparkly Glitter Pumps

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