Friday, September 30, 2011

Finishing Up

After what seemed to take a good portion of my year, I have finally finished and documented my sock making adventure. I started in March and thought i could finish by summer. That didn't happen. I had no idea socks were going to be so complex. They are a simple design really but the string is much thinner and it takes a while for your fingers to get used to it. At least for me anyways. But, I am glad I am done with the ones i set out to make. I will probably take a break from making more of them just because there are so many more items I want to make and I know how long the last ones took me. You can see my previous ones here.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fall Foliage

~Love how nature is so color coordinated~

With the fist day of fall officially behind us we are off to a great start to the season. Beautiful rainy days followed by periods of bright sun and warmth add up really make fall, fall. The leaves are changing to their pretty colors and the fall flowers are in full bloom. Last year I primarily focused on the changing leaves (and who doesn't?) because their color is so captivating and are only around for a short period of time that it is hard to focus on anything else, as seen here and here. But, this past weekend my mom, sister and I went for a walk at a local rail trail and there we found some awesome autumn flowers and plants that seem to get way overlooked. I had no idea that some flowers/plants cam out only during this time of year, except for the beloved mum. I am so glad we got the chance to take in these flowers that I normally would over look and not even notice.

~Such a delicate flowering seed plant, and so pretty~

~Not sure if these are edible but very pleasing to the eye~

~These berries had such a great brilliancy about them~

The bees keep on buzzin~

~The cutest yellow bell flowers. Almost missed them completely~

Friday, September 23, 2011

Flying Essentials

After going to Denver this past weekend, I realized there are some essential items you need when flying. For me, its a sweater of some sort. Depending on the season will determine the thickness and wear ability of the one you choose, but it has to be able to keep me comfortable. I am either really hot or really cold so having a layer of clothing that I can easily put on or take off is key. And when I say easily, I mean easily. Not something you have to struggle with within your two feet of personal space. Another essential item is stretchy pants. Seems odd this would be an essential item but, if you flexible enough (and creative) you can pull of some positions that are a bit more comfortable than just feet flat and forward (i.e. Indian style, both legs tucked under and to the side, etc.) So having stretch in your jeans will make this a more able option. Next, a good pair of flats. With airports as big as they are and only getting bigger a comfortable shoe can make or brake a traveling day. Plus, as a little bonus you can slip them off while on the plane and stretch your toes a bit, or make for a more comfortable seated position. Water is key because planes are so dry that it is important to stay hydrated. My skin tends to get bland and blotchy and my throat and nose completely parched. Almost as important as a good pair of shoes is the bag you choose to carry with you. Of course your going to have your other normal luggage but, if you have a well structured and well made bag, it will carry whatever you want to bring, be comfortable to carry, and last a lifetime. I like a bag with a long strap that I can wear across body to keep my hands free and from worry about it falling off my shoulder. And last but not least, Something to occupy and pass the time with. For me it's a ball of yarn and crochet needle but magazines and a book are always great stand-by's. Happy flying.

1. Cream Sweater-
2. Jeans-
3. Black Flats- Tory Burch
4. Brown Leather Briefcase
5. Water
6. Magazines/Nook

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Denver, Colorado

~I did not take this picture, however, it does sum up what Denver is all about; big city life with mountain adventure just twenty minutes away.~

I finally got to meet my husbands other side of the family this past weekend. All's I can say is that they are truly great people and can't wait to visit them again. They just so happen to live in Denver, Colorado which is not only great for us but also a little sad seeing as how they are so far away. But, now that we have made it out there I can say with certainty that a once a year trip will bow be a must. The fact that they live close to the mountains and ski resorts just happens to be a plus. This trip however, we did not do any of the fun snow activities because it was still a cool 70-80 degrees in Denver. We did do some great sight seeing though. Museums, butterfly pavilions  exploring some of the down town area ( or LoDo as the locals call it), and checking out of the Coors brewery (you get 3 free beers plus the tour is free!) I'm not much of a beer drinker but  my husband's favorite beer is Coors light so he enjoyed it. And if you know of anyone who likes beer this is the place for them. Since we were only there for a whole three days (not including our travel days) we did not see everything Denver/Colorado has to offer But, that's pretty great because that just means more to do on our next visits. Although family provides more than enough entertainment and happy memories for me.

~Our cousin and John's new best friend~

~One of the biggest butterflies in the world at the Butterfly Pavilion ~

~Me holding Rosie the tarantula at the Crawlusium. Eeek!~

~The historic and oldest block in Denver, Leramar Square~

~Stopped for drinks and snack at the trendy Rioja restaurant. This was a PB&J dessert~

~Home of the Coors brewery, and some of the best breakfast burritos this side of the Rockies~

~On our way to Loveland Pass and Vail. Beautiful scenery.~

~At the continental divide and Loveland Pass. We climbed all the way to the top!~

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Missoni Pandemonium

If your anything like me you woke up at the crack of dawn to get to your nearest Target store to check out all the digs Missoni had out for their new line for Target. Or, you were one of the ones, also like me, that crashed their website servers. I was able to score a couple things I was hoping for but since my area is a small volume area I was bummed I did not get to see more of the collection. Equally bummed was I due to the fact that the one blanket I wanted is now sold out online. Please re-stock them Target! I got myself two sweaters and a tie and scarf for my husband. I hope you all got what you were looking for and hope for myself, and the rest of us, that they will re-stock. Missoni and Target are here to stay.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Flowered Ivy

The signs of fall are all around. School is in full swing, leaves are just starting to get a touch of red and gold and stores are starting to carry Halloween and Christmas decorations. As much I love and look forward to all of these I have recently found another sign of fall that is going to be added to my list of things to look forward to. I had no  idea that ivy could sprout flowers. I always assumed it was just a weed/plant that just grew and clung to anything it could get its vines on. Although pretty in and of it self, when I saw ivy growing in our back yard and seen flowers in places I didn't know they could be, I was immediately giddy. Not only are the flowers sweet and simple but they come in two different colors! Pink and blue on the same ivy plant. Oh man this made my day. Since this is the first time I had ever seen anything like this I grabbed my camera and snapped away.Maybe these flowers come out all year and I am just now seeing them but since they came out only a week or so ago I'm assuming they only happen at the start of fall and sticking to it. I hope you get the chance to see this awesome natural wonder and get as giddy as I did.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Healthy Breakfast Scramble

I love eggs. You could cook them pretty much any way you could think of and I would eat them. When i'm really hungry, or just really in a hurry, I tend to cook them in the microwave for just under a minute. They taste perfectly fine and just as good as ones in a fry pan. But when i've got time to spare and just the right ingredients, I love making them slow on the stove. While at my parents house one day I was looking for somehting delicious and nutritious and these sounded amazing. (Tasted just as equally amazing) My mom had fresh spinach and grape tomatoes so I whipped some eggs together, melted some spinach and added some tomates and voila, healthy breakfast eggs. Since don't really taste like anything you can put whatever you like on them and not feel to worried. I opted for just plane S&P (salt and pepper) and boy was it yummy. And that's another thing I like about eggs, their versatility is endless.