Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cumpkin Parving

 Last night my boyfriend and I finally got to carve pumpkins! I may or may not have been a little over excited. If I had it my way we would have done this about three weeks ago but life kept seeming to get in the way. Anyways, it was a great time. We didn't use any fancy patterns, just whatever was stored in our noggin's. John's turned out way cooler than mine. I don't know if he did this intentional, but his guys mouth even looks like a bat. Way to go guy. He even gave his ears! I couldn't think of anything other than the classic Jack O Lantern. (My crafty skill are limited) But i think they turned out great!

John's is on the left, mine on the right.

This is an electric knife/saw. It worked only o.k.


  1. Chris and I haven't carved any yet either. We're hoping to on saturday :) They look good!

  2. those are so cute! i think an electric saw would be so handy!
    cute blog!! x

  3. Thanks Trisha!

    Krystal-The electric saw worked just o.k. in my opinion.(I was probably using it wrong though) But a fish fillet knife works very well too:)