Wednesday, October 6, 2010

So Fresh and So Clean

I have a problem with making things. The problem is I cant stop. So in light of this little "dilemma" I seem to have obtained, I made some soap. Not just any soap, oh no. Goats milk soap scented with peppermint. I admit i bought the soap and the molds from Michale's but the peppermint is a pure essential oil from  my local health food store. Honestly, if I can makes something instead of buying it, I will. Just my luck my boyfriend was in need of some soap, so I said, I can make some for you! He loved it which is so great cuz now  I have another excuse to buy more crafty things and make. Which makes me happy:) If you have never made soap before it is really quite easy. Here is a step by step guide.

Step 1. Cut out your soap from the package it comes in with a knife. Also, you will want to have something  disposable on hand that you can stir the soap with . Here I use Popsicle sticks.

Step 2. Place cut soap in a microwave safe dish. Any dish will do, I just used this old coffee mug cuz its cute and has a handy handle. Microwave on high for 30 second intervals.

*Careful you don't leave it in to long or the soap will bubble over and you will have a mess*

Step 3. Add anything you like to your soap. Scents, seeds for exfoliating, or anything else decorative like herbs and such.

Step 4. Final step. After you have added all that you want to your soaps go ahead and poor them in your mold,. You can use anything for a mold really. I got this mold kit at Michale's but you can make your own or use cookie cutters or whatever else you find.
Note: If you use your own mold, make sure you place something like wax paper underneath your mold so it doesn't get all over the counter.

Let the soap sit in it's mold for a couple hours and when it has hardened go ahead and push it out like an ice cube.

And voila, you have just made soap! Congratulations and happy washing:)

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