Saturday, October 16, 2010


Dolce and Gabbana. Fashion powerhouses. We all know they make amazing clothes but, this seasons fall/winter collection really knoecked my socks off. Or sould I say, my fabulous fur lined boots. Not only because I myself am in the sweater making business, but just because it was amazing.There use of knit wear was the main focus and indstead of making it drab and boring they did something magical. They took a historic material and made it fresh young and beautiful. I could seriously wear this collection for the rest of my life and still look fabulous fifty years from now. I love how they paired they heavy knits with sheer skirts and tops that blow in the wind. Great balance. Almost poetic. I will be coming back to this colelction time and time again for countless ideas and endless inspiration. Bravo D&G. Bravo.

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