Monday, November 15, 2010

Crunch Time

Making blankets is not an easy thing to do. For my sisters bridal shower/wedding present I wanted to make a blanket. I didn't think it would be that big of a deal considering I have made ones for a couple of my friends in the past (as seen here). This task, however, would prove to be a bit more of a, challenge. A couple months before the actual party I picked out a pattern and got all the yarn ready. Things were going great, until half way through making it I knew in my gut she wasn't going to like it. It just wasn't "her". Ugh! Hate when that happens. Spent all that time and money and now its gone kaput. Plus, the shower was about three weeks away! What was I going to do? Well, my sister had been suggesting/ asking if I could make her a blanket (she didn't know i had actualy arleady planned to do so) so I kept saying, "Maybe", "We'll see", just to throw her off the trail. Well she kept talking about the same style of blanket, completly opposite of what I had originally intended, and I thought, ya know, its simple enough, maybe I can knock one out if I really go hard. Well, I did, and it turned out great! I was quite surprised and proud of myself. She ended up loving it and so did everyone else at the shower. Thank God. Needless to say it was definitely a learning experience.
       {The first blanket I started to make consisted of making 60 of these square little pin wheel guys.}

     {This is the final blanket I ended up giving her. It was a simple double-crochet through out    so it went very smoothly}