Monday, November 22, 2010

Marching Band

High School marching bands are instantly recognizable. From the snare drum to the driving beats, to the outlandish feathery tall hats and dance teams that accompany them, they are, without a doubt, fabulous. This past weekend my city kicked off the holidays with festivities in the downtown area. There was the annual lighting of our water treatment plant, lighting of city hall, miniature horse rides and face painting for kids and even a marching band and fireworks to boot! Normally the only setting I see marching bands in is at football games and parades, so this was a special treat. They played a few minutes before the fireworks began and then walked down to the bridge where the viewing of the fireworks takes place., They also played during the fireworks. It was glorious. Here is to all those marching band geeks and lovers alike.


 {This is the local high school performing during the fireworks. Them girls get low}

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