Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Few Firsts

It seems like this is a year of firsts for me. This is the first time I've got serious about blogging (and am loving it), first serious amazing boyfriend:), and the first time I've joined an organization that I can say I am truly proud of. That organization, my firends, would be the Junior League of Saginaw Valley. If your liek me then you have never heard of JL before this. I had no clue what it was when one of my friends asked me to check it out with her. What it is basically is a volunteer program dedicated to strengthing the woman in the community and kaing your communty a better place through donating your time and talents. (That's a scratch description of what their actual mission statement is). You can find out more about them here. Anywho, along with firsts this was my first time attending the Festival of Trees. What this is is a charity event put on by the JL in order to raise funds for big projects they partake in. For example, they are raising money right now in order to put in an educational playscape at our local children's zoo, which I think is amazing. So anyways, I wanted to shocase some highlights of  the festival

  There were over 80 trees and wreaths all donated by various businesses and organizations from around the area and raffle tickets were sold for people to purchase and try to win the different trees. I had the good fortune to be selling raffle tickets inside with all the trees and got to sit right in front of probably the most popular tree of the weekend. This is the lottery ticket tree, seen on the right. Everyone who went by it gasped with surprise and was like, "I love it!" So did I. I put half my tickets in this one. My other favorite was a toothbrush wreath donated by a dentist. It had like two spin brushes, a bunch of toothbrushes and some floss. The other half of my tickets went in this one. Sadly, I didn't win either.

Another highlight for me was this lovely old lady. Check out her coat! I love how big and white and fury it is. Tres chic. I love seeing old ladies who have mad style and like to show it off. She also had on some pretty great rings. I tried to snap a photo of her a couple times as she walked by my table trying not to appear to stalkerish.

This was interesting. One of the vendors near my table. A group of older woman were selling some interesting items. I am alwasy curious as to why older woman like such frilly and colorful, things. It made me laugh if anything.

And finally, to end the night off right, my sweet boyfriend and I went to the Premier Party. I had a great time seeing all the trees I didn't get to see earlier and got a chance to meet and chat with other fellow Junior Leagers.

Can't wait 'till next year!


  1. Thank you for the cute comment on my blog :)
    The weather in France isn't that great at the moment. I can't wait for winter and snow, Paris might be so romantic all white..
    And I can't wait for christmas, I'm even more excited now, that I've seen all of these christmas trees in your pictures :)

  2. I like your post and I would really like to see more of them!

  3. that sounds like a great organization! and some way unique trees :)

  4. SnowWhite-Your welcome:) I would love to see Paris all covered in fluffy white snow. I have been there in the spring and that was beautiful, so I can only imagine what the winter makes it look like.

    Arnyke-Would you like to see more of my posts or more of the trees? lol. I got confused.

    Krystal-It is a great organization! I think its international, but maybe only in Great Britain right now? I will have to check that out.