Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Angel Food Cake

A couple days ago by boyfriend and I made some pretty awesome angel food cake. I'm usually the type of person to just buy the premade cake from the local grocery store, but my boyfriend insisted we make one ourselves. I'm not gonna lie, it was from a box. But it was so good! and easy! One of these days I will definitely get around to making one completely from scratch but until then it's just me and a box of Betty Crocker.

                                {This is the premixed mix. Just put it in a bowl and your ready to go!}
                          {The only outside ingredients you use is water! And just 1 1/14 cup of it.}
                             {We used the "confetti" mix. I think it looks so great with all those colors.}
                 {Not really sure why you have to use a bunt ban. Not really sure what the purpose of a bunt is.}
                                                   {The beautiful mix all ready to go in the oven}
          {This I thought was just weird. After the cake is done baking they tell you to put it upside down. Hmm...}
                    {Here it is in it's gloriousness. So moist and delicious. Gaaahh, I want some now!}
                       {We crushed up some strawberries to go on top. The perfect pairing, yum-o.}

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