Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Wish List # 2

After doing my first wish list (seen here) I couldn't stop thinking about doing another. They are just so fun and once you start brainstorming ideas they just seem to start pouring in. Funny thing is I really thought there wasn't that much that I wanted/could think of. Oh how I was mistaken. What prompted this list even further is that every year my sisters and I (I have three) do a gift exchange/secret Santa. We draw names out of a hat and whichever sister we get that's who we shop for. This way we aren't spending a small fortune and we each have the potential of getting a larger ticket item we might not have normally got. Each year it seems that whenever we finally get around to it none of us can decide or even know what we want. Well, not this year, at least for me. So Mindy, (my sister who drew my name)  here is my list. Hope this helps and makes shopping a little more stress free and easier for you.

1.  The Arabian  Nights- Barnes and Nobles- $20.00
2. That Extra Half an Inch- Amazon.com -$13.95
3. The Crochet Stitch Bible- Yarn Market- $29.80
4. Clebrity Slouchy Beanies - Mary Maxim -$3.95

1.Kobo Soy Candles- outblush.com- $32.00
2. Cow Hide Zebra Print Rug- iloveflooring.co.uk- 224 british pounds
 3.Black Picture Frames- Amazon.com- $16.99

1. L.A.M.B Faran Brown Heels-ebay.com-$49.99
2.Pocket Watch- anniversaryrock.com-$105.00
3. Indian Ruby Ring- anmaadesigns.com-$132.00

1. Kabuki Brush-Sephora-$28.00
2..Lion Brand Yarn- lionbrand.com
3.Dior Show Mascara-Sephora-$24.00

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  1. Yes this helps a ton! I am glad you thought of it, and its high time I started a blog. Great ideas! Thanks for sharing it on fb.
    See you soon