Thursday, December 2, 2010

Oh, Christmas Tree

Yesterday marks the first day that I have ever gone to a  real Christmas tree farm and bought a real tree for Christmas. Growing up we only ever had the fake ones and every year I would always grow green with envy as all my friends would go to the farms with their families and get their amazingly smelling real tree. I was lucky enough to have good enough friends that would let me come over and help decorate their tree with them. For that, I am forever grateful ( I confess I am playing a bit heavy on the dramatics:)There was one Christmas that I remember though where my dad actually sawed off the top of one of our pine trees in our front yard and dragged that in the house. Unfortunately, this tree was the kind of pine that has the really sharp poky needles and is not so fun to hang lights and ornaments on without drawing blood. I think he sprained his wrist while pulling it into the house as well. So, forgive me if I seem a little to over enthused over a silly plant. For me this has been a long time coming. As long as I can afford it and have the time and energy, a real tree will be whats for me for years to come.

                                  {These are just a handful of the HUNDREDS to choose from}

                                    {They give you these saws to cut your tree down. Are they crazy?! :)}

                                                      {I was pretty proud of our selection}

                                                                {Haulin' that baby in!}

                                     {Our tree all decorated in its beautiful glory. Smells SO good}

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  1. aww congrats on your tree. i think we cut down one once when i was little - definitely worth it!