Monday, December 20, 2010

Vegas, baby!

Last week was spent in Las Vegas for the first long vacation that my boyfriend and I shared. It started out at an early 4 a.m. with half the day spent in airports and in the air. That night we both passed out and slept 14 hours. Woops:) Not to worry though, Vegas kept us on our toes for the whooooole week. We were pretty much out from sunrise to sunset and still didn't see and do everything, but it was definitely worth it. Highlights, include the awesome breakfast buffet at our hotel Paris. I have never had baked oatmeal before but theirs was the best I have ever had. I will be making that soon and sharing with you all. Also, their eggs Benedict were to die for. Probably my newest favorite way to eat eggs. My boyfriend got to be apart of the Blue Man group show. He was pretty stoked on that for a while. The fountains at the Belaggio were gorgeous. Just like how they looked on the travel channel, and the Venetian was the most exquisite hotel yet. Indoor gondolas, a town square and endless shopping. Truly, a village in a building. The highlight of the trip though would have to be when my boyfriend proposed. I was honestly not expecting it and was in shock for at least 15 minutes and everything felt new again.  If nothing else, that was worth the whole trip.

                                         {Always make sure you have proper travel necessities}

                                         {Sitting front row at Blue Man Group requires protection}

                                 {Our hotel, Paris. Love the view from the top of the Eiffel Tower}

                                                               {My engagement ring!}

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