Thursday, December 30, 2010


Since my boyfriend has proposed we have been slowly but surly started to get his house ready for me to live in. We started a little bit a couple months ago with some updates to his kitchen which went exceedingly well. This time around we are focusing on a small spare bedroom on the second floor that will be my office/work space.  A place all my own and totally girly. First off, I had no idea how many shades of pink there actually really were. But after staring for what seemed hours I finally chose the perfect one. His office is already green so I figured, why not go with a sweet, simple girly color. And even if we have kids one day the rooms will already be painted. I went with a shade of picnk called "Lovelight" , by Behr. Two coats are on and drying and I can not wait to start moving all my stuff in and making it my own.



More to come as the room gets done.

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