Friday, September 23, 2011

Flying Essentials

After going to Denver this past weekend, I realized there are some essential items you need when flying. For me, its a sweater of some sort. Depending on the season will determine the thickness and wear ability of the one you choose, but it has to be able to keep me comfortable. I am either really hot or really cold so having a layer of clothing that I can easily put on or take off is key. And when I say easily, I mean easily. Not something you have to struggle with within your two feet of personal space. Another essential item is stretchy pants. Seems odd this would be an essential item but, if you flexible enough (and creative) you can pull of some positions that are a bit more comfortable than just feet flat and forward (i.e. Indian style, both legs tucked under and to the side, etc.) So having stretch in your jeans will make this a more able option. Next, a good pair of flats. With airports as big as they are and only getting bigger a comfortable shoe can make or brake a traveling day. Plus, as a little bonus you can slip them off while on the plane and stretch your toes a bit, or make for a more comfortable seated position. Water is key because planes are so dry that it is important to stay hydrated. My skin tends to get bland and blotchy and my throat and nose completely parched. Almost as important as a good pair of shoes is the bag you choose to carry with you. Of course your going to have your other normal luggage but, if you have a well structured and well made bag, it will carry whatever you want to bring, be comfortable to carry, and last a lifetime. I like a bag with a long strap that I can wear across body to keep my hands free and from worry about it falling off my shoulder. And last but not least, Something to occupy and pass the time with. For me it's a ball of yarn and crochet needle but magazines and a book are always great stand-by's. Happy flying.

1. Cream Sweater-
2. Jeans-
3. Black Flats- Tory Burch
4. Brown Leather Briefcase
5. Water
6. Magazines/Nook

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