Friday, September 9, 2011

Healthy Breakfast Scramble

I love eggs. You could cook them pretty much any way you could think of and I would eat them. When i'm really hungry, or just really in a hurry, I tend to cook them in the microwave for just under a minute. They taste perfectly fine and just as good as ones in a fry pan. But when i've got time to spare and just the right ingredients, I love making them slow on the stove. While at my parents house one day I was looking for somehting delicious and nutritious and these sounded amazing. (Tasted just as equally amazing) My mom had fresh spinach and grape tomatoes so I whipped some eggs together, melted some spinach and added some tomates and voila, healthy breakfast eggs. Since don't really taste like anything you can put whatever you like on them and not feel to worried. I opted for just plane S&P (salt and pepper) and boy was it yummy. And that's another thing I like about eggs, their versatility is endless.

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