Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Happy Birthday To...

                                                           ~Some great birthday cards~

Me! and my sister and my cousin. In the Premo family there are three birthdays that all fall on the three consecutive days. Mine starts off on the 13th, my sisters follows on the 14th, and my cousin's rounds us off nicely on the 15th. Which is today! Happy birthday John! Even though I didn't do anything to spectacular ( I worked and tried making wol socks) I still enjoyed myself. I got some amazing presents (as shown) and had family all around. Really, everything I could need. And even though this birthday, my 25th, is considered to be a milestone year, I feel like even though I did not spend the actual birth day doing anything milestone-y I still have the whole year to get that in. Plus one of my good friends 25th is also this year so I figure a joint milestone-y type of celebration is completely fine and of good taste.

~Cutest Creature Crochet package~

~Fabulous coaster's with inserts for pictures~

~Everyday Crochet with amazing tops I can't wait to make and wear~

~Betsey Johnson charm necklace with "Be Mine" detailing on back of heart pendant~