Monday, January 3, 2011

Well Read

 It is safe to say I am an avid reader. I love everything about it. So much so that when my fiance asked if I would like a Nook or Kindle for Christmas I said no because those just aren't the same as a good book. Don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with them in and of themselves, I just like to feel the weight of the book in my hand, the feel of the cover and pages and to be able to actually turn the pages and not just press a button. It;s all part of the experience for me. Not to mention I like to collect them and like how they look on my bookshelf.  Mostly I like learning from what I am reading so I tend to stay on the non-fiction path, but I also love a good novel every once in a while. (hello Twilight) Over the past year it seems, though, my books have fallen to the wayside. With all the new things happening (starting my etsy shop, getting engaged, and all other friends and family activities) I just haven't had that much time to read. So here is my current list waiting for me on my desk. Some I have started and not finished, others I have just not even managed to open. Hopefully, by this time next year these will have been devoured and a new stack will await me.

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