Thursday, January 6, 2011

Out of Season

If you haven't noticed lately, ever since the first day either after Christmas or New Years, stores have been shipping in all of their spring items and getting rid at an alarmingly fast rate of their winter items. This is not just happening in clothing stores but in grocery and craft stores as well. Clothing stores already have all of their winter items marked 75% off and making plenty of room for short skirts, flowery prints and strapy sandals.  Grocery stores are stocking spring time beers and Valentine's day candies. Craft stores have out door spring decor with flower pots and garden utensils along with plenty of Valentine's and St Patrick's Day to boot. It makes me a little sad because I feel I haven't even begun to enjoy all that winter has to offer. Haven't gone sledding, skiing, snowboarding, fort making, snow angel making, snow ball fighting, ice skating or even just had the chance to freeze my patooty off properly. So sorry retailers, I am holding on to winter until at least the end of February. So you might be showing off all your spring gear right now but I'm throughing winter back into your face:)

*All photos courtesy of Google

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