Friday, January 7, 2011

Winter Beauty Essentials

In the winter there are just some things you need more in your beauty routine than you do in the summer. That light weight moisturizer just will not hold up against the powerful drying effects of constantly going back and forth between what seems like a frozen tundra outside to a warm oasis of drying heat inside your home and other public buildings. A girl needs a deep, skin layer penetrating, rich body butter to slather on to keep her skin looking fresh and moisturized. Heaven forbid she ever get that cracked scaly ash thing going on. Yeck. And, the buck doesn't stop just their either. Make up shades need to be changed as our once warm glowing bronzed skin has now become a bit more pale and a lighter shade of foundation is needed to match our new color. (Unless of course you fake bake which is highly not recommended) Also, a humidifier is a key essential. The air is just so dry that, along with moisturizers and drinking plenty of water, you need an extra boost wherever you can get it. Keeping one by your bedside or the room you spend the most time in is great idea. Try to keep one in your office if you work space allows it. These just so happen to be my best kept secret;)

1. Humidifier- Target- $30.09
2. Bottled Water
3. Rosa Mosquita Rose Hip Moisturizing Cream- Aubrey Organics- $13.54
4. Matte SPF15 Beige Foundation-Bare Minerals- $28.00
5. Coconut Cream Lip Balm-Alba- $.2.99
6. Peppermint Foot Creme-Kiss My Face- $8.99
7. Shea Butter Hand Wash- One With Nature- $7.99
8.Hand Alert- Kiss My Face- $8.99

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