Monday, January 10, 2011

Blue Skies Braided Infinity Scarf

I love accomplishing a project that I have been thinking about for quite some time. Seeing what you have been dreaming about in your head manifest into something real is totally awesome. Such is the case with the newest scarf I have made. I seen something similar to this and thought to myself, "I can totally do that!" And I did. To be honest it has been about a year since the idea first came to me and the results are great. I love how the different shades of blue all compliment each other with out being too loud or over the top. I'm also most definitly going to create a few more of these in other colors as well and know they will look just as fabulous. Check this one and more out for yourself over in my shop @ Kacia;s Premo Crochet.


  1. Wow!! I love this scarf...beautiful! Great job!

  2. Thank you both very much! I intend on making more in various other colors. Check back often to see if I have gotten to them. (And also to motivate me!:)