Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Our Weekend

My husband and I do not have a "normal" weekend. That is it does not fall on Saturday and Sunday. We both work both those days so we are left to decide when we will spend our weekend. For him it has been on average anywhere starting from Tuesday to Wednesday. (Unless it is a holiday week and he only gets one of those days) I try to work my schedule around his so that the two of us see each other at some point before the week is done.  This picture is one of those reminders of what can accumulate in a five day span and what the joys of staying at home with one another can bring. It might look like a lot of work but it just means more time I get to be around him. Included in this mess are some dishes used for making some awesome breakfast muffins I try to make ahead of time for John to take to work with him in the morning for his breakfast. And also, a new "Sunday" favortie of ours, waffles. John found a great recipe online (soon to come) that had oats in it. Yum-O.

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