Monday, August 22, 2011

Missoni For Target

Stop the presses! If you haven't already head Missoni is teaming up with Target this September (the 13th to be exact) to bring you one the best collections from any high end designer to collaborate with a department store. Not only will Missoni be creating a chic and fabulous women's collection, but they will also be selling everything from accessories to bicycles. Yes, that's right bicycles. As of right now I am dying over the house wears and scarves. Top onmy list to purchase will be there awesome throw. (I have wanted one ever since I seen one on Rachel Zoe's bed in a spread for a magazine). It was beautiful then and will be just as beautiful on my own. I give mad kuddos to all teh designers who have participated in the GO International collaborations with Target. But Missoni just takes this to a new level. No designer has been so expansive with teh range of items they are offering. You can see herehere and here that I oh so appreciate what Missoni has to offer and am bursting at the seems that they are teaming up with one of my favorite stores. See you on the 13th!

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