Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Love From The Mitten State

Michigan is having a blood drive today, well it started yesterday and ends tomorrow, and they did some great advertising for it this time. If you come in to try to donate but can't you still get to leave with this awesome gift bag full of Michigan goodies. First we have a Meijer reusable tote bag, a free box of girl scout cookies (you could pick whichever flavor you liked) a bag of Better Made potato chips, a bottle of vernors, coupon for a jug of cranberry juice, a pint of vanilla bean ice cream, and if that wasn't enough a custom love the mitten statge t-shirt. (I would  have donated just for the t-shirt) It's only the second day of the event and they are already out of smalls and mediums and I think I got the last large. They said about 136 people came through yesterday which is huge and will help save many peoples lives that would not have been otherwise. Congratulations to everyone who participated, this event was a great success. My only comment was that this should  be done for organ donation registry. So if your not already, go sign up to be an organ donor! Or give some blood in the mean time.

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