Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Winter Still in Full Effect

Chunky hat KaciasPremoCrochet

The Great Lakes have undergone one massive snow storm the past two days. Everyone is pretty much snowed in or frozen in. And if they are out on the roads you know they slipin' and a slidin' (at least I was yesterday for sure). Last week, however, there was a sort of thaw going on in the area and temperatures rose to around 45- 50 degrees. Spring seemed like it was in sight and everyone was able to shed a few layers of clothing protection. Within one day (more like a few hours) we went from no snow on the ground to roughly seven. Temperatures are still near freezing and winter is letting us know its not soon to go away. In all honesty this makes me a little happy. Just one more reason to break out my favorite chunky sweaters and cozy woolen socks. I don't even mind the fact my hubby and I have to "cuddle" on the couch to stay warm. Here's a breakdown of a few winter favorites.

Chunky Sweaters

Awesome weather proof Khombu boots

super warm and cozy MukLuk slippers

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