Friday, February 11, 2011

Sunshine Day

Michigan has been all sun for the past few days and I have been loving every minutes of it. Usually, if you hail from any where near the north east, you would be suffering from Seasonal Affect disorder right about now. Winter time grays make way for the winter time blues. Endless days of gray and white and just a sense a bleakness rule this time of year. But not this week. It's almost like the winter is getting it's full quota of sunshine and trying to squeeze it in in just a few days. Either way I am ecstatic. Sunshine instantly makes anything your doing that more bearable. Walking the dog in negative degree weather, that more bearable. Remodeling your kitchen (which we currently are in the process of) that more bearable. Waiting for spring to come to break out all your cute shoes and dresses, that more bearable. And on that not brings me to my latest post. All this sunshine has got me thinking of all the fabulous yellow options for my wardrobe. I have never been one to wear much yellow but Wednesday's post (seen here) and all this sunlight have really got me in the spirit to wear some cheerful colors more often. It just feel good being cheery.

1. Spring Floral Chiffon Blouse
2. Marlene Birger Isobel Blouse
3.  Disc-Embelished Blouse - Pringle of Scotland - $120
4. Bow Skirt- DVF
5. Yellow w/White Piping Mini- QuickSteps
6. Yellow Mini - Forever 21-$17.80
7. Cork Wedge-
8. Leah Heel- Harajuku Lovers- $50.00
9. Peep Toe Flat- Gap- $40.00

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